Suggestion on where to invest Bhavin, 24 May 2013

I can invest around Rs 10000/month. Can you please assist me in which class of asset should i invest and with what amount. Also my priority is for tax saving schemes. I have got job recently.

Fintotal Answer

Hi Bhavesh. Looking at your age, you must invest 80% of your monthly surplus in growth assets (mutual funds, real estate, gold, etc) and remaining 20% in income assets (FDs, RDs, bonds, etc). To be more specific, you may invest Rs 8000 as SIP in a good equity diversified mutual fund for your long term needs and you may start Recurring deposit of Rs 2000 per month in any of the banks.  For tax saving you may go for an ELSS mutual fund and do SIP. To know more on mutual funds investments check

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