Regarding investing in Franklin India Tax Shield Vidya, 01 Apr 2013

Based on your suggestion for Tax Saving ELSS, I read through the three plans available. I went through the following link, and felt that the Franklin India Tax Shield would be suitable for the kind of investment I would like to go in. I would like to invest for 1 year so as to meet short term needs. So I wanted to know how to go about applying for the same. Is there any weblink available, which is available for those who are not aware of detailed procedures, or are there any agents(?) who can help in getting this product? As per the above link, I think there is no lock-in period mentioned. So can I withdraw the amount after a year or whenever required? Thank you once again for providing a very quick support on my queries.

Fintotal Answer

Basically all ELSS funds, including Franklin India Tax Shield, have a 3 year lock-in period, you cannot withdraw before that. So if you do a lumpsum investment you have stay invested till the end of 36 months or if you do in SIP installments then each of the installment should complete 36 months respectively. Investment in equities are meaningful only when you stay invested for a long duration ideally of at least 5 years or so. Plus ELSS has least lock-in period, the rest have 5 years. If you are not KYC compliant first complete that procedure. Post this you can invest in the fund online. You can check  

Great! The advice was short and crisp to the point ! Really appreciate that, and it was easy to understand as well. The only point I noticed was the " attested copy of PAN card" mentioned in the KYC compliant link. The instructions in that pdf file state that originals have to be submitted for verification. In case we do not want to give our originals, am I correct in understanding that the PAN copy has to be attested by a Gazetted officer or is a self-attested copy only sufficient? Otherwise, the links & advice given here were so easy to understand! As your website states, the information provided here are very easy for even non-finance people to understand :-)

Vidya, 02 Apr 2013

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