Can I get investment return more than Saving a/c using MF Kiran, 13 Dec 2012

can I get investment return more than usual saving account by investing in liquid fund? And investment period starts from 1 day to 1 or 2 year. And one important point: from that investment can I get money by any point of time as like bank's saving a/c?

Fintotal Answer

In a savings account you get 4% interest. But be sure the by investing in a debt fund, you are surely going to get more than 4% returns. There are debt funds which have exit load on exiting before 30 days or 45 days or more. Hence you have the liquidity. So while selecting a debt fund, preferably invest in an income fund as they tend to give higher returns than a liquid fund. Check the exit load and rating before deciding on a fund. 

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