Global Funds Rishi Singh, 22 Aug 2013

I have recently been advised by my consultant to consider investing a small amount (say 50-60K) in global funds like ICICI Prudential US Bluechip Equity or DSPBR US Flexible Equity or FT India Feeder Franklin US Opp. Given the recent down turn in Indian markets and bleak future outlook (atleast on short term basis), I am inclined to seriously consider such investment. Could you kindly give me your views on investing in global funds along with 1-2 recommended global funds, if any? FYI, currently I have investments in equity (1 large cap MF and 1 mid cap MF) and debt (1 dynamic bond MF) and some ELSS in my portfolio. Current equity:debt split of my portfolio would be 75:25 (approx).

Fintotal Answer

Our view is that now is not the best time to invest in US stocks. There are 2 components to investing in foreign markets. One is the concerned economy's performance and currency movements. Since rupee is depreciating it is very expensive to buy US stocks now. Secondly the Indian story is still bright. In equities one is looking at the long term perspective and as far as retail investors are concerned Indian markets can give good returns in the long term. In the last 1 year US based funds have given good returns but much is owing to rupee depreciation.

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