Which funds amongst are best for long term Satish, 12 Sep 2013

I am planning to do a sip in either one fund chosen below for a long term say 10 yrs and above, they are ICICI pru bluechip focused fund and UTI Opportunites fund. Which fund amongst these is best to have in terms of stability, exps ratio, alpha, standard deviation etc which can create good returns

Fintotal Answer

Both are good funds, come from good fund houses, have similar portfolio allocation. Expense ratio of ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip is 0.5% higher. UTI Opportunites fund is managed by Anoop Bhaskar, an experienced hand. This is not to say the other fund is strictly at a disadvantage. Take your call. Actually, retail investors do not need to be cute about minute difference in mutual fund returns, unless it is a very huge SIP. We have already shared with you the list of our recommended funds http://www.mutualfunds.fintotal.com/Recommendations/1, you can safely pick up any fund from among them and stay invested for the long term.

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