Selection of funds for SIP Kuntal, 28 Aug 2013

Having dumped my previous NFOs and sectoral funds, I have started Sips from this month. Duration is for 23 years, amount 8500/- per fund, per month: 1. Franklin india bluechip 2. Quantum long term equity 3. Templeton india equity income 4. PPFAS long term value fund Looking forward to your expert comments. Kuntal.

Fintotal Answer

Firstly we would advice you to stick to just 1 fund each from categories of large cap and large & mid cap funds. The rationale is that all funds belonging to the same category would have similar portfolio of stocks so piling many such funds does not amount to diversification, rather it will make it hard to monitor performance. So from your selection you could keep Franklin India Bluechip and Quantum Long Term Equity. Both have good pedigree, low expense ratio (low annual cost for you) and good past performance.

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