where what how much to invest , 22 Feb 2014

1.first i want to buy home costing rs 50 lakhs in five years. 2.after 5 years i want to invest for 20 years for my son & daughter education & marriage i want a fund of rs 3 crores. 4.i want a corpus of rs 2 crores for myself after my retirement at 60 years want to invest after 5 years

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Hi, all your financial goals are core goals and long term goals. Basically the goals which you cannot give a miss on. For such long term goals it is important that you invest in inflation beating products like equity mutual funds, real estate, gold, etc. because inflation is a major cause of worry in long term. Start with a monthly SIP in one well performing equity mutual fund and use it like ATM i.e withdrawing the needed money at each goal. Minimum Rs 10,000 should be initiated as SIP. But it is very difficult to stamp the exact amount with limited info.  For a better experience with your queries write to us at http://assistance.fintotal.com/

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