please review my MF portfolio aadhav , 17 Jan 2014

Dear Sir I am planning to invest into following 3 MF's via sipped. Franklin India bluechip equity(10000), icici prudence bluechip fund(15000),utilities opportunity(15000). Can you please tell me if its huge risk starting with large amount? Also can you confirm if these 3 MF investment will give me 2 crores after 15 yrs? What do you think of having one more MF sbi emerging business (5000)?or do you think the 3 MF's are more than enough?

Fintotal Answer

Aadhav, ideally one well performing equity diversified mutual fund is also enough to meet your goals in long term. Mutual fund itself is a diversified product so adding more funds does not help in any further diversification. The funds you have picked up for investment are fairly good. Maybe you can just go for two funds among the ones you have mentioned. Equity funds are riskier but if you want to beat inflation in long term and meet desired goals it is necessary you take risk. You will have to invest around Rs 29000 totally in equity diversified mutual funds for Rs 2 crores after 15 years. 

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