mutual fund investment startup. saurabh kakaria, 18 Mar 2014

i was planning to venture in MF for invetment and good return purpose and also for constructive for salary purpose. i want to invest 1000p.m in a fund with minimum risk and gain MF which i plan to keep for time period. other 1000k in Mf for faster and higher returns and i plan this for shert term. say 6-18mnths periods. FYI : my gain do not include cost of transaction etc :)

Fintotal Answer

  Hi Sourabh, For short term investment, debt mutual funds are a good option. Just check for the fund with minimum exit load since you have kept the term range very vast. For long term investment equity diversified mutual funds is a suitable option. Though riskier they tend to beat inflation and help your money grow in long term. If you are looking for medium term investment then a balanced fund can be a good option. Go for direct plans and avoid the distributor route.  

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