When to redeem my units in MF? Renga, 02 Dec 2013

Dear Sir, I am investing 5000RS every month in HSBC Mutual Fund via SIP, and the SIP is for 10yrs and currently 6th year is running, now my quesiton is after finishing 10yrs of investment is it mandatory to sell all the accumulated units or I can keep it and sell it when I wanted so that if I keep it for more than 10yrs(Example 15yrs) the NAV may incrase thus my return will increase too?

Fintotal Answer

Dear Renga, You can surely keep the mutual fund as it is. The fund value is not affected even when the SIP stops. So it is upto you when you want to redeem it and how much.  For a better experience with your queries you may try http://assistance.fintotal.com. Thanks.

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