What is the title you want to give your query? Supreet Singh, 18 Oct 2013

i'm 27 yrs married man and earning 24000 per month and 5000 as a incentive i want to invest 1000 per month for long term around 30 yrs. which plan is best for me and how much normal returns will come. please let me know

Fintotal Answer

Dear Supreet, inflation is a major casue of worry in long term investment and so one should invest in those products which have the capability to beat inflation. Equity mutual funds are one of those. Choose one fund from our recommended list and invest RS 1000 through monthly SIP. Our recommended funds have been giving around 15% returns. Market linked products do not guarantee returns but if are wise in your financial decisions and you can help your money grow. Keep reading our portal for more knowledge. 

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