Way ahead for present investment. yogesh, 09 Apr 2013

I have a MF portfolio of three funds ,SBI Magnum equity, SBI emerging business fund and DSPBR micro cap fund. Percentage wise they are presently valued at 19.8%,43.6% and 36.6%. I want to know if i should continue investing in these funds or make some changes? I plan to invest 10000/pm more starting this june.

Fintotal Answer

Hi Yogesh! Presently you have about 80% of your MF investments going to SBI emerging business fund and DSPBR micro cap fund which are suited for wealth-creation type needs. Although for your ideal portfolio break-up more information is required, in terms of your other investments, liabilities, your allocation in these funds is much more than is ideal for anybody. SBI Magnum Equity is a good large cap fund and is suited for cannot-afford-to-miss goals like retirement planning, home purchase etc. You can start SIP in Magnum Equity for your Rs 10,000 monthly investment. But first ensure you have funds in place for dealing with emergencies or short term needs.

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