Should I park my money in savings or Equity Mutual Funds? Ramesh, 19 Nov 2012

I have fixed deposits in 4 banks.I have split the Fds in sucha a manner that the interest will not be more than 10,000.My goal is to purchase home after 5 yearsIs it wise to keep this money in FDs OR should he invest this money in Equity Mutual Funds for 5 years.And Should I invest in SIP or lumpsum?

Fintotal Answer

Equity products have the power to beat inflation unlike fixed deposits. So always follow this thumb rule and invest your money in equity diversified mutual fund if the investment is for long term (atleast after 5 years). Instead of keeping multiple fixed deposits, you may maintain one fixed deposit and divert all other money in best equity diversified mutual fund. SIP is the convenient way though it totally depends on you. Incase you stop SIPs, stay invested in the fund as long as you can. 

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