Should I invest in these SIPS? Anshul, 29 Dec 2012

I am 35 years want to invest through SIP in HDFC TOP 200, ICICI DISCOVERY, UTI BANKING, RELIANCE PHARMA, HDFC INFRASTRUCTURE @2000/Each, Please advice me whether it is ok or change something.

Fintotal Answer

Hi Anshul. You have zeroed in on a fairly good set of funds-except for HDFC Infrastructure. But you don't really need these many funds to comfortably achieve your  long term goals. Just stick to 1 good diversified equity fund (say HDFC Top 200) for core goals, 1 good mid cap fund (say ICICI Pru Discovery) for wealth creation and also 1 good fund for tax saving (say ICICI Pru Tax Plan). Please read Ideal Number of Investments in Portfolio and Choosing an Appropriate MF

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