Should I invest in SIP or lumpsum to get good returns in 15 years Vishal, 29 Dec 2012

I am 46 yrs old male.Please suggest the best mutual funds for my portfolio & how much amount I should invest to get a decent return in 15 yrs.Should I invest through SIP or put a lumpsum.

Fintotal Answer

For long term goals the money should go in equity mutual funds as equity has the power to beat inflation. You can do investment either through SIP or STP. In SIP a fixed amount of money is put periodically in a fund and amount, date, frequency is decided  by you. STP allows you to invest a lumpsum amount in one mutual fund scheme and move a fixed amount monthly or quarterly to another scheme from same fund house. So if you have lumpsum amount with you, go for STP or else do SIP.

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