Should I hold AIG Gold Mutual Fund? Anish, 07 Nov 2012

I recently started investing in AIG GOLD MUTUAL FUND.I wanted to know if i should hold it?I would also like to know how is the NAV calculated?

Fintotal Answer

AIG World Gold Fund is different from the other gold funds since it invests in stocks of gold mining companies around the world through another fund investing in those. Majority of the other gold mutual funds like Reliance Gold Savings Fund, SBI Gold Fund, etc invest in untis of gold ETFs which in turn invest in physical gold. Returns of AIG World Gold Fund has been much different from the other gold funds. If you want your gold investments to be close to actual gold prices your present fund is the wrong choice. You can redeem units from AIG World Gold Fund on completing 1 year and invest in one of the other gold mutual funds. Net Asset Value (NAV) is the value of assets of the fund less its liabilities. It is calculated daily since value of underlying assets such as shares, bonds and liabilities change daily.

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