Should I do one time investment on ICICI PRU FOCUSED BLUE CHP FUND Aadhav, 19 Feb 2014

Dear Sir, I have 2 monthly SIP investment on HDFC Equity(10000), Franklin India Blue Chip(10000) - aim is to generate 2Crores by end of 2030. I am also thinking of doing one time investment of 500000RS in ICICI PRU FOCUSED BLUE CHIP FUND as I think this is one of the fund to look for in the long term - Can you let me know your thought on this please?

Fintotal Answer

Aadhav, you already have two good funds in which you are running an SIP. Adding one more fund in the large cap category is ideally not needed. But there is no harm either. So it is okay to go ahead with the thought of investing lumpsum in the said fund. You can also look at one more option - doing STP. For STP, you need to invest desired amount in a debt fund and instruct them to transfer a particular amount every month to the equity fund. By doing this your money will be at less risk because debt are less riskier. Read more on this at Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) in Mutual Funds

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