Selection of Funds Rafi, 28 Jan 2014

Greetings, 1) I am going to take risk to investing in sector based fund. Please let me know which fund I have to choose Reliance Pharma or SBI Pharma. In the recent years SBI Pharma fund is performing well than Reliance Pharma. Investing tenure is 15 to 20 years. 2) Adding one more fund in my port folio to invest for long term, the period is as the same. Please pick one good fund for me : AXIS Equity or Quantum Long Term. I went through your listed funds in that you have insist not to go for Axis Equity fund. For the past years this fund gave good return (exactly I am not sure). Help me on this. Cheers !

Fintotal Answer

Hi Rafi, its good that you are willing to take risk by investing in sector funds. But Rafi, instead of we choosing a sector for you we would want you to study and choose a sector. We believe that one should invest in sector funds only when he is very well acquainted with in and out of a particular sector and also about its cycle. Yes pharma sector is doing well but you would need thorough tracking. Sector funds are very volatile.  Quantum Long Term would be a better option. Its not just about the returns in recent past but it is also about many other factors like historical performance, asset size, expenses, etc. So based on our analysis we do not think Axis Equity is a great fund.

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