Review my portfolio Vineet, 24 May 2013

I am 30 years of age and have recently started SIPs of 3000 rs. per month in the below 5 funds.1. Franklin India Bluechip - growth 2. DSP BR Top 100 - growth 3. HDFC Top 200 - growth 4. HDFC Equity - growth 5. IDFC Premier equity - growth. Also I have extra liquidity and hence thinking of an additional SIP of Rs5000. in BSL Frontline Equity fund. Pl. advise on my portfolio in regard to its future growth potential.

Fintotal Answer

Hi. Your choice of funds is very good. As, Frankin India Bluechip-G, DSPBR Top 100-G, HDFC Top 200-G and HDFC Equity Fund-G are all large cap equity diversified funds, you may consolidate all of them in just one fund among these, say HDFC Top 200. This fund will be suitable for your long term core goals. Continue investing in IDFC Premier Equity-G (suitable for long term satellite goals). Instead of investing in another mutual fund i.e. BSL Frontline Equity Fund, put that Rs 2000 also in HDFC Top 200. Do not many schemes in your portfolio. Just have 2 or 3 good schemes suitable to your needs.

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