Mutual Funds Portfolio review Jitender, 02 Oct 2013

Hi , Kindly review my portfolio, I have been investing on these funds since 2 years Birla Sun Life Midcap Fund - 1000 Rs DSP-BR Equity Fund - RP (D) - 2000 Rs DSP-BR Top 100 Equity - RP (D) - 2000 Rs HDFC Equity Fund (D) - 2000 Rs HDFC Prudence Fund (D) - 2000 Rs HDFC Top 200 Fund (D) - 2000 Rs IDFC Premier Equity - A (D) - 2000 Rs L&T Equity Fund (D) (50) - 2000 Rs My goals is to support my son's education and he is 2 years and 7 months old and plan for retirement. I am 39 years old Regards, Jitender

Fintotal Answer

Hi Jitender. You have so many funds and fairly good funds. But understand that certain funds are suitable for certain needs. So one should choose the fund based on the goal he wants to achieve and when he wants to achieve. Your goal is a long term core goal and for this large cap equity funds are best suited. Fortunately you have the funds like HDFC Top 200, HDFC Equity , etc which are from our recommended list. Ideally you require just one fund to achieve your need. I would suggest you to read the article 'Choosing an appropriate mutual fund' for more clarity. Your portfolio needs to be restructured and would suggest  you to consolidate few funds. You may write to us if you wish to need assistance for restructuring.

Thanks can you please let me details and the fee for the assitance in restructuring

User Name, 03 Oct 2013

Kindly share your contact details at so that we can explain you the details about the fee structure and procedure.

Fintotal Answer,03 Oct 2013

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