MF Portfolio - need suggestion Nitin, 27 Jan 2014

Hi, I need your expert opinion in reviewing my Portfolio. I am considering long term investment of about 15-20 years for intended goals and short listed few MFs that are HDFC Top 200, ICICI Pru. focused Blue-chip equity. For short term goals I have shortlisted IDFC premier equity (Small & mid cap) and HDFC Prudence considering 5-10 years as investment period. Please advise!!!!Also I am having surplus money which I won`t be needing for next 6 months so thinking on investing either in debt fund (or another option FD). Can you please advise which is best suited debt fund in this case or rather FD is better choice? And thanks for your help in resolving queries of many people like me at this forum. Appreciate your work...

Fintotal Answer

Hi Nitin!! You are most welcome and we are glad that we are assisting our readers to resolve their personal finance queries.  Your mutual fund choices have been extremely good and appropriate, except for IDFC Premier Equity Fund. This fund is not suitable for short term goals since it is an equity fund. Debt funds do well in short term say upto 2 years or maximum 3 years. So go for a debt fund in case of short term goal. For less than a year's investment, fixed deposit is a better option bcause debt funds have exit load and you will unnecessarily lose money their. Preferably go for a co-operative bank's fd as they tend to give a higher rate of interest as compared to other banks. For a better experience with your queries, write to us at

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