List of best performing Mutual Funds for long term investment Aadhav, 04 Dec 2013

Dear SIr, I am planning to build wealth for my retirement which is about 20yrs away from now, and for this I am planning to invest in Mutual Fund via SIP for 10 - 15yrs. I have 2 question on this. 1. Do you think investing in MF via SIP for 15yrs is too long time? If so how many years I should invest to build good returns? 2. Do you have list of best performing Diversified Equity based MF for long term that I can pick? FYI.. I am planning to invest upto 5 Mutual Funds via SIP and I can spend 5000RS per month on each MF.

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Dear Aadhav, Investing for 15 yrs is excellent, infact you can keep on investing as long as you can because equity diversified mutual funds yield best returns if kept for long term.  We do have our recommended list on where you can see funds listed for various needs, dropdown can be used to change the suitable need. You may pick anyone and start monthly SIP in it. You ideally need just one fund or maximum two funds for your goal. Mutual Fund itself is a diversified product so no need of stacking more funds in the same category.

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