Large Cap vs Diversified fund difference ? Ram, 17 May 2013

I would like to know difference between Large cap and Diversified Equity funds. Because when i read multiple websites about MF investments, most of the recommendations are about Diversified funds. So i was eager to know is there any big difference exist between these 2 classifications in terms of investment strategy . Which one will be lesser risk or stable returns (based on past performance)

Fintotal Answer

Diversified equity funds are the equity mutual funds which are not specific to any particular sector ot theme in their portfolio. They choose stocks based on fund manager's research and hypotheses. Large cap funds are the Equity mutual funds whose portfolio consists of stocks mainly from the large cap category. The classification is based on market capitalization but definition of large cap stock varies for different users. You may refer the articles on Diversified Equity Fund and Large Cap Fund for more clarification.

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