Kindly review my portfolio Yuvaraj, 08 Nov 2013

Kindly review my portfolio and advice please,i have invested in SIP in the below funds 1)DSP Blackrock Top 100 Growth - 1000 rs, 2)DSP Blackrock US Flexible equity fund Growth - 500 3)BSL Frontline Equity GrowthI - 2500 rs, 4)BSL India GenNext fund Growth - 1000 rs 5)BSL New Millenium fund Growth - 1000 rs and remaining 2500 in bank recurring deposit. I plan to invest 2000 more, so please kindly advise whether continue these plan's or need to change?Advance thanks............ Age - 30 Risk Profile - Moderate

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Hi Yuvaraj, your mutual fund mix needs a restructuring. DSP Blackrock Top 100 Equity is one of the best performing funds and also in our recommended list; DSP Blackrock US Flexible Equity is a new fund and too early to judge its performance; BSL Frontiline Equity is a good fund; BSL India GenNext is also a good fund and BSL New Millenium Fund is not a good performing one. Bank Rd can be used for short term goals.  Yuvraaj I would suggest you to sign for our guidance program wherein we do an end to end financial planning at a very nominal fee. Do write to if you wish to discuss about the program. 

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