Is there anything called diversified DEBT mutual fund? Sudhakard, 12 Mar 2014

As I consolidate and simplify my mutual funds, I am clear on diversified equity mutual fund. Is there any thing called diversified DEBT mutual fund concept? or Dynamic Bond funds are the closest ones which I can relate? How about debt oriented balanced funds (FMP?). Basically I want to pick two mutual funds 70% Diversified equity and 30% to (diversified) Debt funds to make life simple. I will be doing SIP.

Fintotal Answer

Dear Sudhakar, there is nothing called as diversified in debt funds. If you have a definite commitment coming up in the next 2-3 years time, an FMP is the best place to put your money. After all, equities are too risky for such a short term. And an FMP will get you better returns than almost any other debt instrument. If not so, pick one debt fund and one equity fund and invest. Also, the choice of the fund largely depends on the objective and goal. You may elaborately write to us sharing the same. Thanks.

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