Is my investment in the right path? Ganesh, 24 Nov 2012

I am currently investing 6000 per month in large cap & mid cap MF while 4000 per month in bank RD from last 1 year. My goal is to have 15 Lacs as down payment for house in another 5 years. I want to know how much more I need to invest & what should be investment strategy to achieve my goal.

Fintotal Answer

Good going Ganesh. But the investment pattern considering the goals should be in this manner - invest 70% of your surplus income in growth assets (majorly in equity diversified mutual funds and gold MFs) and 20% in income assets (Bank FD, RD, etc.). Pick one of the best equity diversified funds, say HDFC Top 200 and invest in that for all your long term goals (5years and more). Read article Choosing appropriate MF.

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