Is it possible to increase or decrease the SIP amount after starting MF via SIP Aadhav, 09 Jan 2014

Dear Sir, I am planning to start SIP in Franklin India Bluechip(10000RS), ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip Eqty (G)(10000RS). Investment period minimum 10yrs - do you think my selection is right? I checked your recommended list of MF's in which HDFC Top 200 and HDFC Equity Fund seem to be doing not so great in the recent years and other funds expense ratio is more so decided to go with these 2 funds, please can you shed your view on these funds? Also once I started SIP is it possible to decrease or increase the SIP amount, if so what is the process please?

Fintotal Answer

Your selection of funds is fairly good and you can go ahead investing in it for long term purpose. You cannot increase or decrease the existing SIP but you can start a new SIP with the new amount. You can do this just by discontinuing the existing SIP and start the new one. Some of the mutual fund companies provide the option of top up for increasing the SIP amount. You can check with the respective mutual fund company.

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