Is SIP safe? Vijay, 08 Nov 2012

I am new to SIP and want to know about it. I have invested earlier in stock but confused that Is SIP safe or not. How the funds from fund house should be selected? There are many funds but on which basis should we decide to invest in any fund ?? Plzz send a link to me of SIP calculator, so that I can check what will be the maturity amount? Thank You Sir

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Hi Vijay Mutual fund SIP is a method of investing in mutual funds systematically, in fixed installments over a period. It's like saving in an RD. Depending on the type of mutual fund your SIP could be investing in equities, debt products, gold or a combination of these. To decide what fund to go with you need to first identitfy your investment goal and time horizon. When you have you can choose from top rated funds that cater to those goals. You'd find useful articles in Viewpoints section of our Mutual Funds page and calculators on the same page. You can start with a Concept Choosing an Appropriate Mutual Fund

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