How to invest in MF without distributor rekha, 21 Mar 2013

can i invest mf online without any intermediary plz tell me the process in detail

Fintotal Answer

Hi Rekha Yes you can. To invest online or offline without a distributor you need to select fund plan as DIRECT while filing the apllication form. For online investment if you are a first-time investor in a particular fund house you will have to download application form from the fund's website, fill details, get it printed and mail it to the fund house's office or their registrar's office. All documents needs to be attached and cheque needs to be enclosed if not opting for net-banking. If your KYC for MFs has never been done or done before 1 Jan 2012 you'll also have to undergo In-Person Verification by either a registered agent or at the registrar's office. We encourage you to read articles, procedures, fund reviews etc on Mutual Funds page. Do post comments, queries or suggestions!

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