How much should I invest to get 2 crores after retirement? Shekharj, 19 Nov 2012

I am 34 years old .I wish to have 2 crores by end of my working life. I hope to retire by 58 I have invested in PPF where i am expecting to get 50 lacs after 20 years.Now i am thinking of investing in mutual fund.Can you suggest 4-5 Mf to invst and how much shouldi invest?

Fintotal Answer

Investments for long term(5 years and above) should be equitiy related products, direct equities or gold as these products have power to beat inflation. Since your goal is also a long term goal, invest in one of the best equity diversified mutual funds say HDFC Top 200 and hold it till you need the money. For generating the desired corpus apart from PPF amount, you need to have atleast Rs 10,000 as monthly SIP. Read articles on Mutual Fund page for more information.

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