How much % return can we expect from MF? Aadhav, 20 Dec 2013

Dear Sir, In an ideal situation how much % return can we expect from an Equity Diversified MF if Invested say for 10yrs and 5000RS every month. I know the return will differ from each fund but shouldnt be huge different as Equity MF's are already diversified so mostly invest in similar type of companies???

Fintotal Answer

The returns will definitely differ from funf to fund even if all are diversified funds. The fund's performance is based on the stocks that are picked, the kind of diversification made, fund manager, AMC's thought and objective, expense ratio, etc.  The category average of 5 yr return is around 15%. Good equity funds tend go give more than 15% too. And 10 years is good time period. Do see our recommendations for long term investment at Pick any one to do monthly SIP in it. 

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