Fund comparisions Satish, 04 Mar 2014

Hi, Am looking to invest via sip for long term(15-20 yrs)for wealth creation and I need your help and advise abt these funds UTI Opportunities Fund(Large and midcap) and ICICI Pru Dynamic fund (Large and midcap). I think both the funds have performed very well in all the market cycles. Most of the sites says ICICI Pru dynamic is better(when invested through SIP) then UTI opportunities fund. Can you put your opinion in terms of performance, stability, returns and other ratios which one would be better in all aspects for the long term tenure

Fintotal Answer

Hi Satish, Both the funds you have named are good. You have rightly mentioned that they have been performing well throughout. Both are almost at par when it comes to returns, fund-size and performance. The expense ratio of UTI Opportunities is slightly lesser than that of ICICI Pru Dynamic. You can go ahead with UTI Opportunities thus. 

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