Feedback on fintotal product analysis Sudhakar, 05 Mar 2014 bounced, so I am sending via this channel. Greetings, Though there are numerous financial sites on internet world, after researching at various points, I will make sure that I will stop at product analysis of mutual funds at fintotal. The way it is presented is very unbiased and straight forward for a long term and short term investors. It may not be appealing to traders (of mutal funds). After visiting the site multiple times, I have suggestion from a basic investor angle. While analyzing the fund, your recommendation are listed for various financial goals e.g Children education, wealth creation, Retirement etc. For normal investor, the english sentences are clear but for educating an investor, you might want to elaborate each financial goal separately. Either you can publish a separate blog article for all different financial goals and point the URL to there for each goal. In the blog article you can clearly say with examples what is meant by "wealth creation" and how market volatility and long periods of investing helps etc. Hope I made my point clear. regards Sudhakar

Fintotal Answer

Dear Sudhakar, We are thankful to you for sharing your feedback and giving these valuable suggestions. We would be glad to incorporate it on our portal for a better user experience and also investor convenience.  We will see to it that we can make it more and more knowledgeable. Thanks and keep writing to us.

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