Can you suggest me get a return of 1 crore after 10 years. Jeevanand, 29 Dec 2012

Sir I have a monthly income of 35,000 iNR. Can you suggest me get a return of 1 crore after 10 years.

Fintotal Answer

Looking at your income it seems to be difficult to make 1 crore in just 10 years. For long term needs like retirement needs, child's education and marriage, etc. invest in a equities. Invest in one best equity diversified fund through monthly SIP and hold for as long as you can to get highest returns. Increase the the amount of SIP with the increase in your income. Check Tools page for calculators

sir,Im investing Rs10000 in sip per month for last 3yrs in good fund houses.How much more should I invest to get 1 crore in 15 yrs.

Pavan, 17 Aug 2013

Hi Pavan. You must invest minimum Rs 15,000 per month through SIP in large cap equity mutual fund. Check calculator But remember that this is just an estimation as mutual funds are market linked. And also I am not too sure about your fund pick. Write to us at for further guidance.

Fintotal Answer,17 Aug 2013

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