Best large cap, mid and small cap and hybrid/balanced fund for SIP Naveen, 04 Sep 2013

Dear Sir, I am 29 years old, looking to invest in large cap, mid and small cap and a hybrid/ balanced fund, each for Rs.5000 SIP. Have been suggested to go with ICICI focussed blue chip and ICICI Discovery OR HDFC focussed large cap and HDFC opportunity fund. With the current market what should I go with. Could you please also suggest me the best hybrid fund. Thanks and regards.

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Dear Naveen, follow a simple thumbrule for mutual fund investmement - invest in an equity diversified fund for long term goals (5 years and above), invest in a balanced fund for medium term goals (3 to 5 years), invest in a debt fund for short term goals (2months to 2 years). Once you have planned for your goals, it will be convenient for you to choose a suitable fund. Do not worry about markets for investing in a mutual fund through SIP. Check out for recommended funds and some interesting articles. Get back to us for further assistance on

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