Assess My Portfolio and Make Recommendations Shikari Shambhu, 12 Mar 2013

My current portfolio is as follows (in these there are no further SIPs instituted and the values below are original investment values when I invested in them during previous 2 years and not the current market values): 1) HDFC Top 200: Rs. 130,000 2) ICICI Focused Blue Chip: Rs. 65,000 3) BSL Dividend Yield Plus: Rs. 65,000 4) ELSS - Rs. 60,000 divided into the following 6 funds in which Rs. 10,000 each is invested: a) Canara Robeco Tax Saver b) Axis Long Term Equity ELSS c) Franklin Tax Shield d) Reliance Tax Saver e) IDFC Tax Shield f) ICICI Pru Tax Saver ELSS Now, I want to start a SIP in the following funds: i. ICICI Prudential Discovery: Rs. 2000 per month ii. IDFC Premier Equity: Rs. 2000 per month iii. ICICI Focused Blue Chip: Rs. 1000 per month What are your suggestions? FYI, my age is 25 years. I'm asking this query from my pet name :P

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Hi Shikari. Your portfolio is a good one. You have picked and chosen most of the good performing funds. Both the funds you want start SIP with are better performing funds in their category. But ideally you do not need so many funds in your portfolio. 1 diversified equity fund for core goals, 1 mid cap fund for wealth creation and 1 elss fund for tax saving is sufficient. Read articles Choosing an appropraite MF and Ideal Number of Investments in your portfolio. For customized and unbiased guidance on your finances, check the link

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