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Am doing SIP in DSBBR Top 100(the fund you recommended) from past 3 years and my goal is to create high returns to meet my core goals which is about 15 yrs from now. Whereever in media I check they underestimate this fund and nowwhere this fund is seen in top 10 or top 5 rankings etc. But when u check ICICI pru focused blue chip equity fund(large cap) which has given better returns compared to DSPBR top 100 and u can see this fund as in top 5 ranking or best large cap fund etc... in medias, articles. Is it better to stop the sips and transfer the accumulated amount from DSPBR Top 100 now and switch to ICICI pru foc blue chip. Can you tell me why this ratings and rankings keep on happening everywhere in media, articles etc and it disturbs a lot as an investors flucutuating his mind thinking why cant I switch to better performing fund then the fund which is not performed well etc. In that case nobody will have the same fund for long time, everybody will keep on changing to better performing funds as per rankings every now and then which will make it difficult to manage. Pls comment

Fintotal Answer

Star ratings and ranks are dynamic and tend to change or fluctuate with the current market volatility. But do you think it is practical to change your long term investments every now and then? It is not and that is why you have to patient when it comes to your long term investments. ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip Equity is also a good fund and you if you feel you can just discontinue the SIP and divert it in ICICI Pru Focused. But we would advice you to keep calm and continue in DSPBR Top 100. Relax and keep a watch once every year. 

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