What more Muual Fund should I add to my portfolio Gurtej, 01 Jan 2013

I am 32 and have an investment horizon of 32 years. This is how my present MF portfolio looks like: HDFC Top 200, Reliance Regular Savings - Growth, SBI Contra and HDFC Balanced Fund. Looking at the risk factors, Sharpe Ratio, eturns and the investment horizon, please suggest which fund should I add to the portfolio: IDFC Premier Equity - Plan A - Growth or DSP Blackrock Small and Mid Cap Fund.

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Our thumb-rule is:  1 equity diversified for all long term goals like education, retirement, etc ; 1 balanced fund for medium term needs and 1 debt fund for short term needs. Based on this you may hold only HDFC Top 200 and HDFC Balanced Fund from your current portfolio. You may divert the SIP that you are putting Reliance Regular Savings Fund and SBI Contra in HDFC Top 200 as both the funds are average performing. We would suggest you to IDFC Premier Equity Fund to your current portfolio as it is a better performing fund. Read article on choosing appropriate fund on our website.

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