Should i wait for the NAVs to go down Arpan, 29 Dec 2012

I want to invest Rs 50,000 in 23 equity-oriented mutual funds for 15-18 months. But I am wary of entering the market at this stage, as mutual fund NAVs are quoting at high levels. Should I wait?

Fintotal Answer

Do not make the mistake of investing in so many mutual fund schemes. Investing in 23 equity funds is not at all required. Keep not more than 2 mutual fund schemes in your portfolio. Read article on Choosing an appropriate mutual fund on our website. Do not try to time the market, there is no right time to invest rather than now. Mutual fund is unlike a stock where you are looking for at the right price. The fund manager would do that job. You can just go ahead as you decide the amount and investment. 

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