Irregular Mutual Fund investment advise Deepak Sharma, 21 Nov 2013

Sir, I am a beginner in MF investments,my age is 30 yr.Along with my current subscribed LICs and PPF, my financial goal is to earn wealth over the horizon of next 15-20yr. Therefore I have started investing in MF.I want to put in only spared money from monthly budget.So investment will very from month to month (Sometimes 5K, 10K or Null). Would like to get an advice from you as per my needs/situation. Should I continue to invest in my current holdings or other funds. All your suggestions are welcome Age:30, Location: delhi Currently holdings 1SIP of Axis triple advantage monthly(1K INR), Axis Focused25 Plan (5K INR), Axis Equity fund (5K INR)

Fintotal Answer

Hi Deepak. You need to first understand that when you are planning for long term investment the major worry is inflation. Then go back and check if the products you have invested in are whether capable of beating inflation. The answer is 'No'. Income assets like PPF, traditional policies, bank deposits, etc do not have the potential to beat inflation. If you are looking for 15-20 yr investment start monthly SIP in one of the best equity diversified mutual fund. ULIPs/traditional policies will not help in giving good returns and neither in giving you sufficient insurance cover.  Another important thing, you need to maintain some sort of discipline in your personal finances and try to create a pool for such situations when you don't have money in your hand. 

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