Which are ICICIs best Pension and Retirement Schemes? Ninad, 21 Nov 2012

My age is 27 and I want to invest in ICICI Prudential Pension Plan and Retirement Scheme. I can pay 1 lakh per year for next 25 years. Could you please suggest me some good ICICI Prudential Pension Plan and Retirement Schemes where I can secure my retirement after the age of 60 and also get life coverage and better returns. Also explain me if I submit 20 lakhs in next 25 years. What is the fund value ?

Fintotal Answer

We appreciate for your effort to plan finances for securing your future. But at the same time you must look for the products where your hard earned money would fetch you maximum returns instead of losses. So, take a term policy with adequate cover for covering risk of life and invest in diversified equity mutual fund for all your long term needs such as retirement, etc. The pension plans and retirement schemes seem to be attractive but they are a cocktail of insurance and investmen which is actually not beneficial for your financial life. Read articles related to this mapped under Insurance and Mutual Fund page of our website.

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