Suitable Mutual Fund for my short term goal Nimal Kumar, 17 Sep 2013

First of all, I would like to appreciate for creating a wonderful forum for understanding all the financial jargons and concepts. Being a novice, this site gave me a brief insight into the world of mutual funds. Spending two days on the site, I had gained considerable knowledge as to which fund to opt for my financial goal. I am 22 years old and just entered professional life. I have a younger sister for whose marriage I would like to contribute, which is due in a couple of years. I can save ₹ 1k - 2k from my monthly salary to serve the purpose (with/without SIP option) and I think I wont attract taxation for my income limit. Having a short term goal, I have zeroed in on debt funds and gold ETFs which I feel would suit for my goal of short term and monthly investment. I have a demat account from ICICI as well(which is needed for ETFs). I would like to get a second opinion as to which one of the above would suit me. Since I have a demat account from ICICI already, which fund scheme from ICICI would suit for the same purpose. Thanks in advance.

Fintotal Answer

Hi Nimal. Thank you for your appreciation. We hope we will keep contributing more and more to our readers' knowledge.  In your situation, we would recommend you to invest in a debt fund and not in gold etf since gold etfs are not doing well and one has to hold it for long in order to get good returns. But since your goal is a short term one, a debt fund is a suitable investment option. Invest in SBI Dynamic Bond(G) through monthly SIP and redeem the fund in 2 years. For further assistance in private write to us at

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