Where to invest my savings after retirement? Mohan Singh, 10 Sep 2012

I was going through the site and would like to THANK YOU for providing useful finance info in an easy language. Now to my question I retired last year and now planning to go to temples all over India. I have lot of saving in my bank account. I would like to know where can I invest my money

Fintotal Answer

First of all, Thank You Sir for visiting our site. We aim to educate non finance people on finance in an easy and unbiased way. Now coming to your question. Before investing make sure you have enough savings for running your basic and other needs. This can be from your FD, PPF, pension, etc Also understand that you should consider health costs as you age. At this age, your priority should be get sufficient coverage on health insurance or mediclaim policy before you consider investing If all the above factors have been considered, i recommend you invest in a low risk investment -FD, FMP, Debt Mutual Fund. If you want to have instant liquidity then a debt mutual fund might be most appropriate because FD and FMP will not give you that kind of liquidity.

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