Financial planning Ram, 08 May 2013

I am 37 years old and married looking for financial planning for my future needs. Basically retirement,Child education. My current take home pay : 70,000 Expenses : 40,000 Contigency fund : 2 Lacs in Saving account Having 2 flats and rental income from 2nd flat : 8000 current portfolio : FLATS : 57% FD : 19% GOLD : 25% So far i dont have any outstanding loans/credit card dues. Now all my investment avenues pure FD,GOLD and Real estate. Please help me to whether i can remodel my portfolio by adding MF exposure. Even i dont have PPF account. What will be the suitable portfolio for my case.

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Hi. You'd get a prototype plan by entering the above details at Articles on Income Assets, Growth Assets displaying on the page after that will give you a fair idea on how you can plan ahead. If you are interested in personalized plan and guidance for your situation, we encourage you to sign up for GetRight.

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